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Painting Exhibition titled The Good, the bad, the ugly, you decide!

Press Release

Exhibition Poster Background painting by Patricia Ogundero
An Exhibition of Paintings at the Cow Byre in Ruislip by three Hillingdon Artists: Patricia Ogundero, Graham Pellow & Tony Morrison

Opens on Sunday the 2nd of August 2009
From 10am to 5pm daily, ends of Saturday 8th August at 5pm.

The works are very different yet very expressive in their own rights, from traditional style to pure abstraction, therefore you can interpret it as the good, the bad and the ugly depending on your schooling, likes and dislikes as the saying goes; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder therefore you decide!

It’s a new and exciting exhibition at the Cow Byre in Ruislip bringing together three very diverse yet amazing artists in their own rights, all from the ‘hillingdonartists’ and all masters in their individual styles in an explosion of colours! The art works are firmly anchored in the present and addresses issues in a contemporary and individual manner. Subject matter ranges widely, but always taps into contemporary life and, in particular, reflects each artist’s concerns and personal views.

Some of the titles of Exhibition works include; Rainbow over sea, Roscos star, Erotic landscape, American quilt, Starburst, Golfer, A small world and Fishes in the Sky.
Graham Pellow, has had a passion for painting since childhood. During his travels around the world he has painted as far apart as Canada, China, and Australia. He paints in oil, acrylic watercolour and pastel. His favourite subjects are atmospheric landscapes which capture fleeting moments in time. His many sketch books record these journeys and bring travel memories back to life.

Patricia’s paintings offer us a unique insight into multiple facets of our everyday lives, reflecting the vibrant colours of the world around us. They are infused all at once with joy, love, sorrow and a sense of well-being. She paints in vibrant colours, she transforms the inner workings of her mind into a new creation, distorting and finding new ways of expressing herself in various subjects.

. Tony Morrison’s influences are the modern era art movements such as the Constructivists, Abstract expressionists and Futurists. He paints in bright bold colours on large canvases, changing his style to complement the subject matter.

The show will run at the Cow Byre, Manor Farm, Bury St, Ruislip, HA4 7SU from Sunday the 2nd of August, 10am to 5pm daily, and ends of Saturday 8th August.

Entrance is Free

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