Youtube - Aylsham Wide Sky Festival 2015

Aylsham Afloat: this was a collaboration devised by Jessica Perry, to float waxed lanterns on the Aylsham High School swimming pool at night to promote Aylsham and its residents. Copy and paste this link to view the short and rather beautiful musical video of the event :
Made as a live event, a film and photographic event and a community art project, this ambitious collaboration showcases the imagination and life of this market town in a beautiful, evocative and unique way.
Paper bags were drawn on by 60 Yr 7/8 students, using felt tips, to describe shop fronts of the town. Jessica waxed the bases, and then a team of staff, students, volunteers and friends filmed and photographed the night-time floating on the school pool. There were even synchronised swimmers in the pool too, helping to move the lanterns.
Residents of the town were also invited to draw their own house fronts as paper lanterns to add to the third staged floating event.
The bags were also floated during the festival (22 - 26 May 2015) on a medieval garden pond in the heart of the town, with guided sunset walks organised where the public could view.
A projected 8-minute film and sets of postcards were produced to sell during and after the festival to support next years programme.
This popular project brought together an awareness of the diverse architecture and range of independent businesses in this town, and included all ages in the process