Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens - How to make them and bake in them!
A cob oven is a wonderfully simple outdoor oven made with a clay and sand mix.
Jessica has run regular building and cooking courses at Holt Hall in Norfolk for public, family and corporate groups, as well as leading school groups, facilitating whole-school involvement in the process of making a complete oven from scratch'
All ages have been involved: e.g. infant school children (John of Gaunt Infant and Nursery School, Aylsham), 6 - 10 yr olds (Taverham Hall Prep School, Norfolk), Outdoor Learning SEN students (Aylsham High School), or vulnerable adults (Thornage Hall, Norfolk).
Pizza ovens (sometimes called earth ovens or cob ovens) can cook much more than just pizza's: they are excellent for slow roasts, bread and any baked foods.
Want to learn?
Book a course to take place in your own garden or in your place of work, with your chosen team of friends, family,colleagues or students.
From base-building through to layers of cob, Jessica will guide your group through each stage: it is always an enjoyable day, combining teamwork and hands-on learning, making this popular course a unique, memorable event.
The minimum recommended group size is 6 adults,up to a maximum of 14.
With school groups, it depends on age and abilities: they have involved whole schools (250 children) in stages, or a small group of 12, varying on your requirements.
Cost per adult is £50.00/head, which totals a basic day-fee of £300.00. For groups above 6, extra adults are charged at just £10.00 per person. For example, a group of 12 people will then pay £360.00.
Jessica advises you in advance on all materials, sources, quantities and tools.
A 5-page information sheet is provided on each course with all the technical information, so that by the end of the day, you will all feel confident in completing your oven and knowing how to use and maintain it.
Message Jessica for more details and available dates.

Earth Ovens


Earth Ovens - How to make them and bake in them!
Wonderfully simple, hands-on messy fun: Jessica runs bespoke courses across Norfolk and the wider area for public, mixed age and corporate team-building groups, and also makes them in school settings.
Organise your own group to be led by an expert, and achieve a great result.
Contract Jessica for full details. ...more